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Fort Myers, FL 33901

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About Us
The year was 1992. The cost of a gallon of gas was $1.05. Sister Act and Wayne's World were in theaters, and you couldn't turn on the radio without hearing Nirvana or Sir Mix-a-Lot. Hurricane Andrew slammed into the southeast coast of Florida. Cartoon Network was established on cable TV and Seinfeld was the most popular network show. But, most exciting of all, MODERN CORPORATION AUTO SALES was opening their doors.

Back then, we only had three employees. Today, we have a larger Modern family and have sold over 50,000 vehicles. Though the 90's seems like an eternity ago, that's a large number of cars in a short time. And we have repeat customers and a dedicated team to thank for that growth. Because we value honesty and fairness, we have many repeat and multigenerational customers.

Whether you are looking for a sports sedan, a luxury SUV, a four-wheel-drive pickup truck, or a family-friendly minivan, you'll find exactly what you're looking for at Modern Corp Auto Sales. We sell all used car makes and models. We put almost three decades of experience to work finding the best financing options to fit your credit score, and the vehicle you are buying. We offer the best possible rates on car loans by using banks, third-party credit help, or even Buy Here Pay Here options, if necessary. We also offer a wide variety of warranty companies that best fit your needs.